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Due to the weather we will not be conducting practice again today. The attached workout plan is your athletes physical homework for this evening. Please feel free to get in your workout gear and participate with your athlete if your feel up for the challenge.

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The following is your athlete’s physical homework for today. Please have your athlete do 50 or more (depending on age) sit-ups, 20 minutes of stretching, and 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill at 4 or 5 speed and a 3%incline (less for ages 8 and under). If a treadmill is unavailable, please have them run in place or jump rope for 30 minutes. Break it down to two 10 min increments with 3 mins rest between each set.
Stretching exercise demonstration link:
Please note if the images appear to small, click on them and they will magnify. After the 10-minute jogging session please have your athletes do 10 – 20 seconds of Static Stretching. Static Stretching is defined as sitting and holding the exercise position for 10-20 seconds (No Bouncing). Please have them do Static Stretching for exercises 1 -25 of the exercise chart (see above link.

Practice will be at Gayle Middle School at 5:45pm.

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Distance Runners workout 14 May 2018

Posted by Paulette Vance Burton at May 14, 2018 11:30AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Distance runners try to get in at least a 40 minute run today at a moderate pace.

Practice is cancelled today due to a Severe Thunderstorm Warning that will be in effect until 9:00pm tonight. We will try to resume practice tomorrow at Gayle Middle School at 5:45pm.