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Saturday Practice!!!

Posted by 2nd To None Track and Field Club at Apr 9, 2018 11:10AM PDT ( 0 Comments )


We are predicted to receive some pretty good weather between Tuesday and Saturday. Our season is creeping up on us and with the last few weeks of below normal temperatures we or sort of set back a bit in terms of where we should be in our conditioning. Therefore, we would like to hold a practice on this Saturday at 5:45pm in addition to our regular scheduled practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Saturday practice will be at Pratt Park unless otherwise announced at a different location. We hope to see all athletes in attendance this week and Saturday.

Practice will be at Vision Community Church at 5:45pm. Vision Community Church is located at 410 Deacon Road, Fredericksburg, VA.

This is a reminder that Friday, April 6, 2018, Second to None Track & Field will be assisting in feeding our community, with Micah Meals at Shiloh Baptist Church New Site, 525 Princes Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA, from 3pm – 7pm. This time includes set up, serving and clean up. Your assistance is greatly appreciated anytime during these hours. If you have any questions ,please feel free to contact Micheal Lewis at 540-295-3723.

220 Athletes will not have practice scheduled this week due to Spring Break. However, you still need to workout at least 4 of the 7 days from Monday -Sunday, 8 April. If you are in town the track at James Monroe is open Monday – Sunday for everyone. Ask Mom or Dad to take you there. It’s important that you do something during this team break, because we will be picking up the pace after the break to prepare for our first meet in the next couple of weeks in Richmond, VA. Do not lose your conditioning! If you can’t get to the track, just use the times on a treadmill or jump rope and go hard! If you need to switch days due to traveling that is fine, just try to run something 4 of the 7 days. Everyday do our normal warm-up and cool down, stretch, and crunch Have a nice break! Coach Ken.

Monday- 20 min run, finishing with (6) 100 Meter sprints.
Tuesday – 800meter (2 laps on track) warmup, (6) 300meters sprints at 50-55 sec’s (ages 7 & under 59-63 seconds) finish workout with 800meter (2 lap) cool down
Wednesday – 800meter (2 laps on track) warmup, (8) 150meter sprints at 23-24 seconds (ages 7 & under 25-26 seconds) finish workout with 800meter (2 lap) cool down
Thursday – 800meter (2 laps on track) warmup, (6) 250-meter sprints 47 – 48 seconds (ages 7 & under 49-51) finish workout with 800meter (2 lap) cool down
Saturday – 20 Min run, finishing with (6) 100 Meter sprints.
Rest time between each run (set) is 3mins.

800 1600 (milers) Daily continuous Warm-up and Stretching Routine Building up to 1-2 miles
Monday – 2 to 3 mile run
Tuesday – (4) 500 Meters at 1min 51 seconds), finishing with (4) 250 Meter sprints (rest time 3mins)
Wednesday – Rest
2 to 3 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 2 to3 mile run

See attached Track Distance Outline for description of distances for 100, 250, 300 & 500 meters.

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Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Posted by Kenneth Williams at Apr 1, 2018 1:25PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

God Bless you all, I pray you have a Bless Day!!