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A Wonderful Day to Get Started!

Posted by Kenneth Williams at Jan 6, 2019 9:43AM PST ( 0 Comments )

What a great day to start getting in shape
for 2019. Find a park or Track and let’s
get it in!!!!


Posted by 2nd To None Track and Field Club at Jan 1, 2019 5:07PM PST ( 0 Comments )

From the Organization Leaders, Coaches and Staff we wish you a Happy New Year and pray Gods Blessings for you and your family in 2019!!!!!

For those of you who plan to be a college- student-athlete, you and only you are responsible for your eligibility. Plan ahead and take high school classes seriously. Protect your amateur status. It can be difficult, but the benefits of being a student-athlete are worth the effort.

Yearly Steps:

9th Grade
Start planning now: take the right courses and earn the best grades possible.
Ask your counselor for a list of your high school’s NCAA-approved core courses to make sure you take the right classes.
Find your high school’s list of NCAA-approved courses at list.

10th Grade
Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at
If you fall behind, ask your counselor for help with finding approved courses you can take.

11th Grade
Check with your counselor to make sure you are on track to complete the required number of NCAA-approved courses. Take the ACT or SAT and submit your scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center using code 9999. At the end of the year, ask your counselor to send or upload your official transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you took classes at more than one high school or program, submit an official transcript for each school. Make sure you are on track to graduate on time with your class.

Grade 12
Complete your final NCAA core courses as you prepare for graduation.
Take the ACT or SAT again, if necessary, and submit your scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center using code 9999.
Request your final amateurism certification beginning April 1 (fall enrollees) or Oct. 1 (spring enrollees) in your NCAA Eligibility Center account at
After you graduate, ask your counselor to send or upload your final official transcript with proof of graduation to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Only students on an NCAA Division I or II school’s certification request list will receive a certification.

Will notify all of next scheduled day after the Holidays.

Open House 9 December 2018

Posted by Paulette Vance Burton at Nov 26, 2018 12:43PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Please join us at our next open house on 9 December 2018 at England Run Library from 3-5. We will provide information about our track and field club. We will also be accepting registration and uniform orders. Uniforms will be available for sizing.