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We will hold practice at North Stafford at 5:45pm. . The weather to day will be of concern. If we experience heavy rains for over 20 mins or Thunder and Lightning we will call off practice. Please have your athlete bring running shoes, spikes or throwing shoes if they have them.

Practice will be at Pratt Park today at 5:45pm , weather permitting. A Brief coaches meeting will be held after practice today, time permitting.

Practice will be held at North Stafford at 5:45. Please ensure your athlete bring there spikes and throwing implements if they have any. We will also bring the few javelins we have . Also, it going to be another hot day, so everyone should be well hydrated. If you have a tent or two to spare please bring that as well. See you there!!

Practice will be at Gayle Middle School Today at 5:45. It will be 93 degrees at 5:45, please ensure your athlete is hydrated.


Posted by Paulette Burton at May 17, 2017 9:56AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

At practice today the projected high will be 92 and the low 89. Please encourage your athlete to drink water throughout the day and ensure they have water at practice.