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Practice will be at 6:00pm today at Stafford High School Track. Stafford High School is located at 63 Stafford Indians Ln, Fredericksburg, VA 22405. Because there may be school activities prior to our designated practice time, I ask that you do not arrive earlier than 5:50pm. We will not be practicing the discus today, because the discus throwing area is to far away from the school. Please dress warm.

Also, if you owe meet fees, please provide them to Coach Paulette or Coach Ken today. Thanks in advance.

Location: Highland Springs High School, 15 S. Oak Ave Highland Springs, Virginia (Richmond)
Athlete Report Time: 7:00 am (Tent Setup and Athlete Warmup 7:15 am – 8:00 am)
Team Check-in: 7:30 am
Coaches Meeting: 8:15am
Field Events Begin: 8:30am
Running Events Begin: 9:00 am
Note: They will use a rolling schedule which means it’s important to arrive on time so your athlete does not miss their event.
There will be a spectator fee of $3.00. Concessions will be sold. Also, they request that all garbage be disposed of in the containers provided before you exit the stadium.
AWARDS: Top three finishers including relays will receive medals. Places 4th—6th will receive ribbons. Awards will be pickup by a designated coach near the completion of the meet.
MEET RULES & REGULATIONS: No bare feet or stocking feet; shirts required; max ¼" spikes.
Field Events: 3 attempts in Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump and Triple Jump. Athletes must check in with Judge prior to leaving to compete in another event. Shot Put and Discus will be provided by 2nd To None Coaches.

Please see attached for meet schedule and order of events.

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Pratt Park is located at 120 River Road Fredericksburg, VA 22405. Practice times will be from 5:45 until approximately 6:55. Today’s temperatures will be 54 degrees, however, it will fill like 51 degrees. Therefore, please ensure your athlete is dress in warm clothing.

Meet preparation

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As we prepare for our first meet, here is a list of items to consider bringing. This list is just a start feel free to bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

Things To Bring To A Meet
• Uniform
• Warm Up Suit
• Running Shoes
• Spikes
• Slides or slide covers
• Extra socks
• Lawn Chair and/or Blanket
• 10 × 10 canopy
• Ground cover such as a tarp
• Umbrella (good for rain or sun)
• Rain gear (poncho, dry socks)
• Sunscreen
• Small Ice Chest to carry food and drink for the day
• Insect repellent
• Tissue
• Hand Sanitizer
• Paper towels
• Trash bags
• Wet Wipes
• Wagon


Pre-Competition Sleep: Athletes should receive 8 to 10 hours of sleep the night before a meet.

Pre-Competition Meals – 3 – 4 hours before the event
 High in complex carbohydrates, such as bread, fruit and vegetables
 Moderate in protein
 Low in fat
 Plenty of Fluids
 Athletes should eat a nutritious breakfast before a meet, including fruit, bread, water and juice. Little or no meat is best.

Snack Hints – For All Day Meets
 Fresh Fruit – bananas, raisins, grapes, oranges, peaches, watermelon
 Crackers and pretzels

Small amounts of protein Post-Competition
 Athletes should do their cool-down runs after race events.
 Sports drinks, energy bars, and fruit for carbohydrate replacement.
 Dinner should include foods high in protein (chicken, beef, fish, milk, cheese, soy products, etc.) to build muscle.

Uniform Update

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Uniforms will not be available for our first meet. They are currently scheduled to ship on 26 April 2018. If your athlete does not have a uniform, please wear blue shorts and a white shirt. I apologize for the inconvenience.