Region 5 Qualifying Meet (IMPORTANT)

Posted by Paulette Vance Burton on Jun 24 2019 at 01:25PM PDT

Please find attached the final schedule and information for the Region 5 Qualifying Meet which will be held June 27-30th at Hampton University.

The gate fee is $10.00 per day or $25.00 for three days.

PROOF OF AGE: Proof of age may be required at District, National Qualifier, and Junior Olympic Game events and must be provided whenever required and/or challenged.

Acceptable forms of age verification include: 1. Original birth certificate 2. A notarized original birth certificate from the appropriate issuing authority 3. A US Military Government Identification Card 4. A valid (not expired) passport 5. A valid US driver’s license

ADVANCEMENT: Advancement from Region 5 National Qualifier to the AAU Junior Olympic Games: ➢ Running Events: The top six (6) athletes advance ➢ Field Events: The top six (6) athletes advance ➢ Relays: The top six (6) relays advance ➢ Multi-Events: The top Four (4) athletes advance ➢ Meet Management reserves the right to advance athletes based on number of competitors in each event.

FINAL AAU JUNIOR OLYMPIC GAMES SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The Final AAU Junior Olympic Games Schedule will be posted on July 22, 2019 at

BIB NUMBERS: Competitor bib numbers will be issued at athlete/team check-in. All athletes will always be required to wear bib numbers on the front of their competition singlet, during the competition. There is a ten-dollar ($10.00) replacement fee for lost bib numbers. Replacement bib numbers can be purchased at the Registration Table/Tent. ATHLETES MUST WEAR THE BIB NUMBER ASSIGNED TO THEM OR RISK DISQUALIFICATION.

HIP NUMBERS: Hip numbers will be issued by the clerk of course and are required for all running event competitors during their event. The clerk of course will indicate which side and location to wear the hip numbers at check-in time.

RESULTS: Flo Sports will be providing live coverage Results will be posted online at

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