Stay Safe Workout!!!

Posted by Kenneth Williams on Apr 20 2020 at 04:33PM PDT

I hope everyone is doing great and being safe. As you know we have suspended the season due to the virus, however, it does not mean your athlete should suspend their efforts with getting and staying in shape. Therefore, in the next several weeks I will be sending workouts to help them continue their efforts. This week, I have attached 6 plyometric exercises. These exercises should be done after a 2-3-mile jog (treadmill if you have one) or a workout of 10-15 hills(treadmill-elevation 6% for 20-30 mins). This will ensure the athlete has warmed up. Prior to starting, explain to your athlete that they will be conducting each exercise for 1 minute each. They will be rapidly moving through each exercise. Please encourage their best effort since the workout will be relatively short. I would suggest that your athlete conducts this exercise at least three times a week. Take it slow if you have not exercised in awhile. I would add, this is a great workout for the whole family!!! See attached week 1 workout.

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