News and Announcements


This will be the last Practice at North Stafford this summer season. Next stop Detroit Junior Olympics!!!


Please join with me in celebrating Zoi Bettis 2nd Place finish at the 51st USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships held at Rock Chalk Park, the home of Kansas Track and Field, in Lawrence, Kansas. Zoi was awesome today finishing with a personal best of 16:24. With her performance today, Zoi is a Two Time All American in USATF Competition and a Three Time All American in AAU Competition.

Way to Go Zoi!!!

Practice will be held at Pratt Park Today!!


This is the last week of practice for the 2017 season and then some of us are off to Detroit. However, for those of us who are not , its a great week to start preparing for fall sports conditioning. See you there!!

Don;t forget you running shoes, spikes and water!!


By now you should have received an email from Coach A Photography with a link to the photos. If you have not, below are a few instructions on how to choose your favorite images, the link and how to leave him a note regarding your selection. It is preferred that you use your personal computer, laptop, or iPad to communicate your order.

Link to photos:

1. Click on the heart to select your favorites. 2. Then, click on the red dot located at the top of the screen. 3. Then double click on the word “My Favorites” and scroll over the image to see a “cloud” to leave me a note. Each picture has a 4-digit code at the bottom. Example, image (3454) 5×7, (3455) wallets, (3456) 8×10, etc….

5. Send your message by clicking on the object that is shaped like a paper airplane at the top of the screen.
If everyone make their selection today, the photos could be available as early as this Thursday’s practice.
Thank you for your participation. I have already made my selection.

The team photo looks fantastic!!!