News and Announcements


Athletes thanks for all of your hard work this weekend. Parents thanks for your support to your athletes. Coaches your hard work and dedication can never be compensated. After a three day meet, everyone could use a break. There will be no practice on Monday 26 June 2017. Athletes should be prepared to work on Tuesday.

Once official results are posted, we will post to website.


Looking forward to another great day on the track tomorrow.

This is a reminder that field events will start at 8:00 am, to include: Javelin (13G, 14G, 15-6G, and 17-18W) flowed by boys; shot put (13G, 14G, 15-6g, and 17-18W) followed by boys and the long jump (13G, 14G, 15-6g, and 17-18W Pit 1 and (13B, 14B, 15-6B, and 17-18M pit 2)

Running events all start at 9:00 am.

You should plan to arrive 60 to 90 minutes before your scheduled events.

Please see Coach Jay to get your bib.



The following athletes qualified in there events today for the 2017 Junior Olympics in Detroit Michigan:

Boys 3000 Meter Run 11 years old
Cadell Lee – Sixth Place Finish with a time of 11:55.23

Boys 3000 Meter Run 13 years old
Donavon Burton – First Place Finish with a time of 11:25.74

Boys 3000 Meter Run 15-16 years old
Wesley Burton – Third Place Finish with a time of 11:20.34

Girls 3000 Meter Race Walk 15-16 years old
Zoi Betties – First Place Finish with a time of 17:10.00

Congratulations to all and we look forward to announcing more qualifier’s on Saturday and Sunday!!

Please bring running shoes and spikes.

Practice will be at North Stafford at 5:45pm Today. Please bring spikes , running shoes and water.