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Please bring running shoes, spikes and plenty of water.

Please bring running shoes, spikes and plenty of water.


The following athletes deserve Honorable Mention for their hard work in finishing in the to 10 in their events:

Tilea Bacon, 10th place 100M
Dailynn Cook, 9th place 300M; 10th long jump
Troy Hull, 10th place 400M
Devin Cook, 8th place 400M; 7th place 800M
Hakeem Mutebi, 7th place 400M
Mikhail Carter, 7th place 400M hurdles
Derrick Cook, 8th place 800M; 7th place 1500M; 7th turbo-javelin
Jeremy Hull, 10th place 800M
India Sims, 10th place 800M
Jezyah Murray, 10th place 800M
Donavon Burton, 7th place 800M
Anthony Michaels, 9th place 800M; 8th 1500M
Katie Jones, 10th place 800M; 7th shot put
Zoi Betties, 7th place 800M
Cadell Lee, 7th 1500M
Zoey Ullrich, 7th turbo-javelin
Kaden Taylor, 7th turbo-javelin
Brayden Griffin, 7th turbo-javelin
Xavier Woolfolk, 7th shot put

AAU Junior Olympics Tenative Schedule

Posted by Paulette Vance Burton at Jun 27, 2017 12:22PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The tentative schedule for the 2017 AAU Junior Olympics is attached. The schedule is subject to change.


We are back at it this afternoon at North Stafford. Please ensure you bring running shoes , spikes and water.