Honorable Mention for the AAU Region 5 Qualifier

Posted by Paulette Vance Burton on Jun 27 2017 at 12:41PM PDT

The following athletes deserve Honorable Mention for their hard work in finishing in the to 10 in their events:

Tilea Bacon, 10th place 100M
Dailynn Cook, 9th place 300M; 10th long jump
Troy Hull, 10th place 400M
Devin Cook, 8th place 400M; 7th place 800M
Hakeem Mutebi, 7th place 400M
Mikhail Carter, 7th place 400M hurdles
Derrick Cook, 8th place 800M; 7th place 1500M; 7th turbo-javelin
Jeremy Hull, 10th place 800M
India Sims, 10th place 800M
Jezyah Murray, 10th place 800M
Donavon Burton, 7th place 800M
Anthony Michaels, 9th place 800M; 8th 1500M
Katie Jones, 10th place 800M; 7th shot put
Zoi Betties, 7th place 800M
Cadell Lee, 7th 1500M
Zoey Ullrich, 7th turbo-javelin
Kaden Taylor, 7th turbo-javelin
Brayden Griffin, 7th turbo-javelin
Xavier Woolfolk, 7th shot put


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