Important Practice Update: AAU on Coronavirus

Posted by 2nd To None Track and Field Club on Mar 17 2020 at 06:55PM PDT


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing developments regarding COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), 2nd to none is suspending practice as directed by the AAU President, Dr. Roger J. Goudy until April 2nd, 2020. We anticipate future guidance on or about April 2nd as to how to move forward. In the meantime, we would hate for our athletes to lose the fitness level they have obtained so far. Therefore, we ask you as parents to apply the following training schedule to your athlete

Monday – Thursday and Saturdays or Sundays until we resume organized training.

Monday – Thursday
Ages 6-9yrs = 1 Mile Warmup + 1 Mile Cool Down: total: 2miles
6 Hill Runs between Miles

Ages 10-16yrs = 1 Mile Warmup + 1 additional Mile + 1 Mile cooldown: total: 3 miles
6 Hill Runs between Miles


Saturday or Sunday

Ages 6-9yrs Mileage= 1 Mile Run
Ages 10-16 Mileage= 2 Miles
Ages 6-9 Sprinters= 10-30 yards 10 Reps with 3mins rest between reps.
Ages 10-16 Sprinters= 10-30 yards 12 Reps with 3mins rest between reps

These are trying times, but with the help of our Lord and Savior we will get through it all. Thank you for understanding.


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