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Due to the heat the photo session has been moved to the Cafeteria at North Stafford.


Sorry for the late announcement. We will hosting practice this morning to avoid the extreme heat Our photo session will still be held this evening, If your athlete cannot make practice this morning please have them run on the treadmill.


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Posted by Kenneth Williams at Jul 19, 2017 1:46PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


Due to the extreme heat we expect to continue experiencing tomorrow, the plan is to practice Thursday morning vice the afternoon. We still plan to have the photo shoot tomorrow afternoon, but we will not practice. Once we have confirmation from the coaches regarding who can conduct practice tomorrow morning and a time, I will send out notification. Today’s workout; Pool or Treadmill (40 mins),

The county has Black Flagged all outdoor activities again today; therefore, it’s another excellent day for treadmill workout or pool. The following is information for pool workouts

Sprint Water Workouts. These workouts can be done in the shallow or deep end of the pool. The athlete must carefully maintain good running posture in the water. If the workout on the track was going to be 5-6 × 200′s with 45 seconds rest, that same workout could be adapted to the pool with more reps and shorter rest. You can do (10-12) x 30 second runs with 15 second rest/rep. This simulates what you would do on the track without impact on the legs. It is easier to do most sprint work in the shallow end. The sprinter has an easier time maintaining good form and the coach can observe mechanics in the shallow end. Running in the deep end requires wearing a water vest. When wearing the vest one must be very careful to maintain good running posture. The vest often forces the wearer to bend forward at the waist. Training over any period of time using bad posture programs the motor memory with that posture and it carries over to the track—so don’t do it incorrectly.

Distance Water Workouts. Distance runners often use the pool on recovery days in injury situations. Long runs of 30-45 minutes can be easily accomplished in the deep end wearing water vests. The distance runner can also interval train in the water in much the same manner as a sprinter would. Again posture becomes a concern and must be checked regularly.

Examples of Pool Workouts

Set 1
3 minute easy run in the water
3 × 50 sec run 85% effort 25 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
3 × 30 sec run 90% effort 15 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
3 × 10 sec run 100% effort 5 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
3 min. cool down easy run

Set 2
5 min easy warm up run
2 × 70 sec run 85% effort 20 sec. rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 50 sec. run 85% effort 20 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 30 sec. run 85% effort 15 sec. rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 15 sec run 85% effort 10 sec. rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 8 sec run 100% effort 10 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set