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Picture Day Rescheduled

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Picture day will be on Thursday July 20 instead of Wednesday.

Please Pray for Coach Ken

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Your prayers are needed Coach Ken has been admitted to the hospital because his blood sugar is elevated. Hopefully he will be released soon. It is unlikely that he will be able to attend the meet this weekend.



1st Tidewater Relays Invitational
Woodrow Wilson High School 1401 Elmhurst Lane
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gates open at 7:00am

Awards: Individual: Medals – 1st – 2nd – 3rd Ribbons- 4th – 5th – 6th Team trophies
Age groups are determined by the athletes’ age as of December 31, 2017. All athletes 12 & under will be able to compete in only 3 events (including relays) and athletes 13 & older can compete in 4 events (including relays). per age division per event.

Concessions will be sold

Meet Schedule

7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Team check-in 8:00 a.m. Coaches Meeting

Field Events
8:30am Long Jump (girls pit #1) youngest to oldest Long Jump (boys pit #2) youngest to oldest High Jump (boys then girls) oldest to youngest Shot Put (girls then boys) youngest to oldest
Discus Throw (boys then girls) oldest to youngest Triple Jump (girls pit #1) youngest to oldest Triple Jump (boys pit #2) youngest to oldest
Pole Vault youngest to oldest

Running Events (rolling schedule) 9:00am Shuttle Hurdles (final)
100m Dash (final) 4×800 Relay (final) 400m Dash (final) 4 × 50 Relay (final)
4×100 m Relay (final)
1,600m Sprint Medley Relay (final) 800m Run (final)
4 × 200m Relay (final) 1,500m Run (final) 200m Dash (final)
Distance Medley Relay (400-800-1200-1600) 4×400 m Relay (final)

Today’s home workout

As you know we are experiencing another extreme heatwave today. Never-the-less, our athletes need to do something. I need your athlete to do 50 or more (depending on age) sit-ups, 20 minutes of stretching, and 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill at 4 or 5 speed (less for ages 8 and under) If a treadmill is unavailable, please have them run in place for 30 minutes. Break it down to two 10 min increments with 3 mins rest between each set .

Stretching exercise demonstration link:

Please note if the images appear to small, click on them and they will magnify. After the 10 minute jogging session please have your athletes do 10 – 20 seconds of Static Stretching. Static Stretching is defined as sitting and holding the exercise position for 10-20 seconds (No Bouncing). Please have them do Static Stretching for exercises 1 -25 of the exercise chart (see above link).

R/Coach Ken

The county has Black Flagged all outdoor activities due to the heat index. Therefore , its an excellent day for treadmill workout or pool. The following is information for pool workouts

Sprint Water Workouts. These workouts can be done in the shallow or deep end of the pool. The athlete must carefully maintain good running posture in the water. If the workout on the track was going to be 5-6 × 200′s with 45 seconds rest, that same workout could be adapted to the pool with more reps and shorter rest. You can do (10-12) x 30 second runs with 15 second rest/rep. This simulates what you would do on the track without impact on the legs. It is easier to do most sprint work in the shallow end. The sprinter has an easier time maintaining good form and the coach can observe mechanics in the shallow end. Running in the deep end requires wearing a water vest. When wearing the vest one must be very careful to maintain good running posture. The vest often forces the wearer to bend forward at the waist. Training over any period of time using bad posture programs the motor memory with that posture and it carries over to the track—so don’t do it incorrectly.

Distance Water Workouts. Distance runners often use the pool on recovery days in injury situations. Long runs of 30-45 minutes can be easily accomplished in the deep end wearing water vests. The distance runner can also interval train in the water in much the same manner as a sprinter would. Again posture becomes a concern and must be checked regularly.

Examples of Pool Workouts

Set 1

3 minute easy run in the water
3 × 50 sec run 85% effort 25 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
3 × 30 sec run 90% effort 15 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
3 × 10 sec run 100% effort 5 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
3 min. cool down easy run

Set 2

5 min easy warm up run
2 × 70 sec run 85% effort 20 sec. rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 50 sec. run 85% effort 20 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 30 sec. run 85% effort 15 sec. rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 15 sec run 85% effort 10 sec. rest/rep 1min rest/set
2 × 8 sec run 100% effort 10 sec rest/rep 1min rest/set